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Get PHYRE’d Up!

22. July 2014

Men Exist. had the privilege of meeting and learning about the multitalented, ambitious and sure to intrigue you, Gerald “Brandon” Bell, founder and CEO of Phyre Arts & Entertainment and upcoming event The Tux.NYC: Resurrection. You do not want to miss out on this, so get into it.

ME: Who are you? Where are you from? Tell us something unique about yourself.

BRANDON: To be descriptive, Gerald Kenneth-Brandon Bell but I go by Brandon. I’m originally from DC but lived life around the world as a military brat until I was nine years old. Something unique about me, this is a random answer but whenever I go into a store or restaurant a Michael Jackson song plays, (laughs) sounds crazy but it’s true.

ME: What do you do/what is your passion?

BRANDON: I’m an artist through and through, it is both who I am and is my passion. I’m a visual artist, I act, dance and now fashion design.

ME: How do you, Phyre Arts & Entertainment or “The Tux.NYC” inspire the males around you? 

BRANDON: My brand I feel is a representation or reflection of me. I love to inspire everyone, but males in particular, and those of color especially. I want to be that non stereotypical positive influence, showing it’s okay to be expressive, okay to stand up straight and speak well, that you are good enough, strong enough and righteous enough to do what is right, follow your dreams and succeed and that the stereotypes in people’s minds, you have to disprove. This event in particular “The Tux.NYC” is about wearing your tux mentally at all times, meaning do, act and be the sharpest, smoothest best at anything you do.

ME: “Men Exist.” encourages men to take care of themselves and embrace their own unique masculinity by showcasing different men with different lifestyles, passions and styles. These men not only embrace who they are but look and feel good as well. An “Exist Man” represents and exudes individuality, self-confidence, self-awareness, uniqueness and style. What makes you an “Exist Man”?

BRANDON: I’ve never apologized for being me, maybe for making mistakes, but the true me, I like and am learning to love and the things I don’t like, I fix. I’m true to my art and literally want every single person to do well, be happy and do what’s right, it sounds cheesy but I put it to action on the regular. My style does speak to who I am. You can change a persons whole perception of you by staying true to you’re style but not being what they’ve already formed in their mind that you are.

ME: How would you describe your style? What does your style say about you? Explain to us your process to picking an outfit.

BRANDON: My style is either how I feel or how I want to feel on that day. My style is eclectic and an amalgam of vast influences from 1920s, to punk to hip hop or even bohemian or Arab garb. Even if I have to be conservative I must be left of center in my look, have to be off balance to feel balanced.

ME: Do you have any advice you would give to the fellow bros?

BRANDON: Don’t let society or stereotypes define you. Be you, if your friends can’t embrace your true style, they’re not your friends, and always wear your tux.

ME: Although we are constantly maturing and evolving as men, has there ever been a moment in your life that changed you into the better man you are today?

BRANDON: A defining moment? No. Every experience, every day does that.

ME: Anything else you would like to share with us about yourself or your project?

BRANDON: My project “The TUX.NYC” will be one of the most inspirational, entertaining, life experiences ever.

Check out Brandon’s companyPhyre Arts & Entertainment and the upcoming event you should put into your schedules, The Tux.NYC: Resurrection by following the links below.

Phyre Arts & Entertainment website: http://www.phyrearts.com/

The Tux.NYC: Resurrection event and info.: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-tuxnyc-resurrection-tickets-11912975029

You can also check out the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1431793317097059/?source=1